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Ongoing Projects

Here you can find the Manga/Doujinshi that are currently being scanlated by us. To download the respective Manga chapters click "read more" below.

Valkyrie Profile 1: Lenneth Anthology |Gekijoh 22
Last updated: 29-07-2010
A manga anthology, based on the first Valkyrie Profile Game "Lenneth". It's a collection of several comedy shortstories by 10 different mangaka...

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Valkyrie Profile 1: Lenneth 4-Koma |vol01
Last updated: 15-06-10
This collection of Valkyrie Profile 4-Koma is an official doujinshi by Square Enix. 4-Koma are short gag comic strips within four panels.
In this 4-Koma you will find many different characters that appeared in the game interacting with each other...

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