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Valkyrie Profile 1: Lenneth 4-Koma


Full Title:Valkyrie Profile 4Koma Theatre
Type:Official Doujinshi 4Koma
Publisher:Square Enix
ISBN:Vol01: ISBN4-7575-0203-6
Status:Complete (9 volumes)

This collection of Valkyrie Profile 4-Koma is an official doujinshi by Square Enix. 4-Koma are short gag comic strips within four panels. In this 4-Koma you will find many different characters that appeared in the game, interacting with each other...

N 001 N 002 N 003 N 004 N 005
N 006 N 007 N 008 N 009 N 010
N 011 N 012 N 013 N 014 N 015
N 016 N 017 N 018 N 019 N 020
N 021 N 022 N 023

Note: No complete download available yet!

We will offer the whole Doujinshi as a bundle as soon as we're finished releasing the single 4-Koma.




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